Put Your Pet’s Best Paw Forward With Our Grooming Services

Paws & Effect provides a highly personalized pet grooming experience for your dog or cat at our well-appointed facility in Westlake, OH. Our skilled and trained pet groomers work with your furry friend’s personality to ensure a safe and comfortable session.

We offer custom treatments depending on your pet’s breed, complete with an adorable matching hairstyle. Everything we use is sanitized for the ultimate safety of your pet.


Dog Grooming

All breeds of dogs are welcome to join us for a day at the spa! Our services are perfect for “grooming” breeds like schnauzers, shih tzus, and poodles as well as "designer" breeds like labradoodles or goldendoodles, schnoodles, and cockapoos. Sally the St. Bernard will also love our bath, blowout, trimming, and styling services. 

A common misconception about short-haired breeds is they won’t benefit from professional grooming! Despite the length of their coat, they have an undercoat (which is why they still shed). No matter what, Daisy the Dachshund always smells sweeter after a good BBN (i.e., bath, brush, nails).

Both our short- and long-haired grooming services include pad shaving, nail trim, and ear cleaning.


Cat Grooming

Our cat care includes a bath and brushout with nail clipping and ear cleaning. If Sam the Siamese must demonstrate how cute yet ferocious he is, we are pleased to provide the requisite lion cut for him.

Every grooming experience is customized based on your pet’s needs, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Affordable prices are based on breed and cut. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!